Academic Philosophy

Pre-Primary Level

At the Pre-Primary level, we receive children as wet clay and our teachers work as skilled craftsmen moulding them into desirable shapes. Learning at level is activity based and thematic approach is adopted. It is more of a playhouse for the toddlers where concepts are imparted in a play way method.

Primary Level

At this stage, we teach them skills of learning through innovative and interactive approach. Learning is activity based and our effort is to draw out the best of their latent talents through various co-curricular activities.

Middle School Level

The foundation for an excellent academic career is laid at this level by making the fundamental concepts very clear to the students. Special emphasis is laid on communication skills, logical thinking and handwriting.

Secondary & Senior Secondary Level

A very well defined CBSE syllabus is followed with special attention to monitor their preparation for the board Examination and entrance for professional streams. They test the competitive environment prevailing throughout the country and are guided to cope up with it successfully. The major thrust is on high quality preparation for board examination and to prepare Students for Specialization in the fields of Science, Commerce and Computers.


The school houses faculty that has been handpicked to ensure that your child gets the best guidance and care possible.

All faculty members are highly qualified and talented with a positive attitude towards providing the best learning experience for your child. Our faculty members work under the guidance of the progressive management in close coordination with the parents to help the children blossom to their full potential by providing suitable opportunities to exhibit their talents.


Evaluation is based on class-work, homework, assignments and unit tests for the Primary student. Half-Yearly and annual examinations are also conducted for middle, secondary classes. Promotion depends on the overall performance in tests and examinations.


The school has facility for counseling for learning deficiency, behavioral difficulties, by a trained counselor.