Beyond Academics

We believe that along with the students learning process inside the school, the influence of first hand exprience remains with them for a lifetime.

Tour organized as part of our ‘Beyond th Classromm Programme’ include:

  • Recreational Outings
  • Educational Trips
  • Social Service Activies
  • Carnivals and Fetes
  • Visits to places of Historical Insterest
  • Industrial Tours
  • Visit to Research Units & Labs

International/National Tours

They change their clime, not their disposition that runs beyond the sea. Travel in the young is a part of education, in the elder, a aprt of experience.

Keeping in turn with the same idea the students of SPPS are taken out on education tour both at National and International levels. The wxposure sets them miles apart from any other students.


Articulate conversation coupled with impeccable language is the centerfold of a well groomed personality. Needless to mention, an extensive knowledge is equally esseintial in shaping a talented child. Our school has made a whole hearted effort in this direction ever since its inception.

Debate, Extempore, Calligraphy, Clay modeling and Quiz session have conducted at regular interval at the Inter House level.

Such an endeavor not only boots the confidence of a student, but also inculcates in him/her a sense of belongingness. SPPS promises to make the students proficient in these fields and foresees a very bright fucture in this respect.

Informative lectures by visiting speakers eminent in their fields are arranged to benefit staff & students.