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Administrative Block

Administrative Block accommodates the reception, offices & chambers of senior unctionaries.

Academic Blocks

Four Academic Blocks for all classes from nursery/KG, primary, middle, secondary & senior secondary include classrooms, activity rooms, laboratories, staff rooms etc.

Science & Computer Labs

The school has a multipurpose laboratory for general science and full-fledged Physics, Chemistry, Biology labs for the 10+2 classes. The school has a well equipped computer lab with adequate number of computers for students.

Well stocked Library-cum-Reading Room

Well strocked Library-cum-Reading Room to support texts, general books, reference books, magazines & journals. CD’s on a wide range of topics are also available.


A large outdoor Amphitheatre is a great facility for morning assembly, various literary activities, lectures & cultural activities.

A three storied Art & Craft/Music Block

A three storied Art & Craft/Music Block takes care of the arts, crafts, handicrafts, music, dance and venue for project displays & exhibitions.

Mess & Dining Hall

A spacious, bright, well furnished Mess & Dining Hall for all students, boarders & day-boarders. A well equipped clean, mechanized kitchen ensures serving of well-balanced, nutritious & wholesome food under hygienic conditions.

Physical Education

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Sports & Games

At SPPS there is a great emphasis on physical education and fitness. Our extensive program covers a whole range of games, sports & outdoor activities to provide fitness and proficiency in various games and sports.

KOOH Sports

The school has tied up with KOOH Sports a new age Sports Education, Training & Technology Company. The acquiring of fundamental motor skills such as throwing, jumping or running is an innate process which is independent of the gender of a child. KOOH sports aims at making the students of varied age groups learn the skills in a playful manner and assessing the continuous evolving of a child’s abilities.
Every class follows a different set of practices under the guidance of a trained sports teacher.

Sports Facilities

Outdoor Stadium:

There is an outdoor stadium, for field games like, cricket, hockey, soccer and an athletics track. There are courts for lawn tennis, volley ball and basketball. Taekwondo and skating too are taught to the students.

Indoor Stadium-cum-auditorium:

A huge circular indoor sports stadium-cum-auditorium of 40m diameter is a unique feature of the school. It provides facilities of basketball, badminton, skating, table tennis, martial arts, aerobics etc.

Beyond Academics

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Beyond the classroom programme

We believe that along with the students learning process inside the school, the influence of firsthand experience remains with them for a lifetime.

  • Recreational Outings.
  • Educational Tips.
  • Social Service Activities – Visiting Orphanages, Oldage Homes & Rehabilitation Centres.
  • Carnivals & Fetes.
  • Visits to places of historical interests.
  • Industrial Tours.
  • Visit to research units & labs.

International/National Tours

Travel in the young is a part of education, in the elder, a part of experience. The students are taken out on National & International educational tours. The exposure sets them miles apart from other students.