Pre-Primary Level

At the Pre-Primary level, we receive children as wet clay and our teachers work as skilled craftsmen moulding them into desirable shapes. Learning at this Level is activity based and thematic approach is adopted.
Culmination Day: “To judge how much one grew with the syllabus taught”. Keeping the thought in mind on the last Friday of every month, ‘Culmination Day’ is organized for the preprimary section. Parents are invited to be teachers so as to have a different outlook to the classroom teaching techniques. Activities of various kinds are planned & conducted by the parents and the teachers are the facilitators for the day.

Primary Level

At this stage, we teach them skills of learning through innovative and interactive approach. Learning is activity based and our effort is to draw out the best of their latent talents through various co-curricular activities at the same time increasing their reading, writing and communicating skills.
Abacus Training: The sums and answers need to be on your finger tips, Abacus helps you with the same. The Primary age group have these lasses conducted under the able guidance of the Abacus facilitators throughout the year.

Middle School Level

The foundation for an excellent academic career is laid at this level by making the fundamental concepts very clear to the students. Special emphasis is laid on communication skills, logical thinking & handwriting.
French: “Communication is the verbal skill to success”.
To acquire the skill of speaking in the world of words, French has been imbibed in the school teaching curricular. The craft of language needs to be honed if the competition has to be participated in French is a language spoken in over 20 countries and also a mother to many of the English words.